Wednesday, April 02, 2008

Hero for today, and he's just 12 years old

Young Mr. Sharp saw his mother being attacked in by a neighbor in the boarding house. The attacker wouldn't stop, so the kid grabbed a knife and slashed the attacker, inflicting a mortal wound.

Good for him. Today, he became a man. And he did well by using as much force as he could wield to kill that piece of shit. Now taxpayers won't have to pay for prison upkeep, and future victims have potentially been saved too. With today's farce of a judicial system, choking would have been plead down to "aggravated assault," and the SOB could be back among us in mere months.

Justice seems to have been served, right? But now we have the travesty of the police even thinking of filing charges...against the boy, for homicide!

Although "Cpl. Diane Richardson" is merely the spokesman, perhaps she can tell us what the kid should have done instead? Should he have dialed 911 and waited for the police to come, so that his mother could die like Hsiao Hsu? That poor woman died in her own home last month while calling 911. She didn't need the police; she needed a reliable firearm. There's never a choice when it comes to criminals: when confronted, do unto them before they can do unto you. Young Mr. Sharp understands it, why can't adults?

The boy deserves a ticker tape parade for his raw heroism. Meanwhile, any of the Prince George County Pigs who even think for a second that he did anything wrong should be disemboweled through their eye sockets.


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