Sunday, March 30, 2008

No sympathy for thieves who become victims

An elderly woman was robbed of $7 by an intruder, and what's her reaction?
Younge, a Democrat, said she didn't recognize the man, who wore a red hat and red jacket and dark pants. She said she's going to pray for him.

"This robbery and what's happening to this community is the result of a lack of a supportive system for our youth. We need jobs," she said. "This happened in broad daylight at noon. We need a mental health support system. This is further evidence of that."
No, it's actually further evidence that she's a moron. Bleeding heart liberals will never get it. They'll never understand crime or how to deal with it. They view violent crime as a "disease," or stemming from "economic conditions," when in fact the crimes are simply a product of people's conscious desires to infringe upon others' rights. (This is in contrast with conservatives' belief that victimless crimes, such as non-violent drug addiction, should be punished as severely, if not more so, than crimes with real victims.)

Now consider this. She was robbed of a mere $7. As part of the state legislature, how many people has she robbed via taxation?

Update: my friend Billy Beck linked to this story. All it takes is some balls, figuratively speaking, to stand up to a wannabe criminal and kick him in the balls, literally speaking. And yeah, I share Billy's desire. I'd have loved to see the punk get what he deserved. Criminals deserve no mercy, whether they're street punks or government-empowered thieves.


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