Wednesday, March 19, 2008

The latest winner of the Goddamn Idiot Award: Greg Nickels

Appropriately, it's some moron nicknaming himself "Treehugger" who's boasting that Seattle's mayor ordered the city to stop buying bottled water. When you hear someone warning about a "carbon footprint," you automatically know the person is a fool.

There evidently is something in Seattle's water that makes government officials even more stupid than they inherently are. So Greg Nickels is following in the footsteps of Gavin Newsom, the original mayor with a phobia of bottled water. Again, I'm putting aside the economics of employee benefits, because it's irrelevant. "Saving money" is also irrelevant, and Nickels' own words here prove it. His past actions prove it, also, such as spending hundreds of thousands on his "green initiatives," and at least $114 million to plant trees (plus the costs of future maintenance).

It's said that "By their fruits shall ye know them." In the face of his actions, who is deceived enough to believe Nickels really cares about saving $58,000? Nickels' ultimate agenda is all about forcing people to obey his "environmentalist" lunacy. That's it.

Most infamously, but you may not have heard of it from liberal media sources, Nickels is the one who told little children -- children -- that if they don't use eco-friendly light bulbs, Santa and the reindeer will drown.

If Nickels wants to demonstrate that last week's scare of prescription drugs in the water is probably nothing to worry about, he can argue using raw science instead of his environmentalist nonsense. Studies so far are showing extremely small concentrations of drugs, and such low levels may not have much (if any) impact on human bodies. So some people suddenly go bonkers over this, but they ignore the very real dangers of fluoride that's deliberately put into many municipal water sources?

It should be mentioned that once the news came out, Patrick Kennedy became a big fan of tap water. For him, it saves costs in more than one way.

If the people of Seattle would really like its government to save money, I have a much better idea. How about cutting the salaries of the 230 officials who each make over $100K a year? Firing Nickel's idiotic ass all by itself will save the city at least $150K a year. I say "at least" because the best I could find is 2005 info, and Nickels and the city council by now have voted themselves more raises.



Blogger JMR said...

Looking at the mayor of my fine city from afar, it might surprise you (or maybe not) to hear that, no matter how many "green initiatives" Nickels gins up, there's still a substantial hunk of the electorate and opinion-makers here that consider him a toady for big business and greedy developers, to the detriment of "the people" - including getting into bed with evildoers like (gasp!) Paul Allen.

Thursday, March 20, 2008 12:40:00 AM  
Blogger Perry Eidelbus said...

Not surprising. "Big business" doesn't always mean "free market." In fact, it's often the reverse once a business/businessman attains a lofty position: instead of championing "competition," the game becomes one of rent-seeking and other ways of acquiring political influence.

Friday, March 21, 2008 10:28:00 AM  

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