Saturday, February 02, 2008

Bush Derangement Syndrome close to home

Several members of my own family actually buy into the rubbish that our economy is suffering "because Bush is sending billions of dollars to Iraq."

There's simply no arguing with people who have lost all sense of reality. Not that I'm defending the waste and mismanagement of the Iraq War (whose intent and good results I still defend). Indeed, from the past echoes a voice:
We are told that the money is an advance and that, a few centuries from now, we shall recover it a hundredfold. But who says so? The very Quartermaster General's Department that swindles us out of our money. Listen here, gentlemen, when it comes to cash, there is but one useful piece of advice: let each man watch his purse... and those to whom he entrusts the purse-strings.
And it is true, the promise of Iraq repaying the U.S. with oil has hardly materialized. But Americans, unlike the French with Algeria, are hardly paying "From one third to two fifths of [our] four direct taxes" to finance Iraq.

Americans have far more to worry about with the welfare state at home, but they're too blind to see. And it really looks like they'll be stupid enough to elect Hillary or Obama, which will be saving us from Beelzebub so we can be damned with Mephistopheles.


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