Sunday, December 30, 2007

And in strong running for "Biggest Idiot of the Year"

In discussions here and here on, this idiot hit what I called "the grand slam of stupidity." But that's not enough: he's hell-bent on winning the Super Bowl and World Cup of stupidity too. He's like the Energizer Bunny of morons.

It comes down to the reality that people like me tend to order from, even if it's a little bit higher, because of the convenience of not having to waste time traveling to buy it, not to mention having the mailman hand it to me. There are few things I really need to get immediately, and in general I've been very happy with Amazon.

Morons like him just don't get it. They cry "rip-off" just because someone is selling something at a higher price than what they like. They'll never fathom that there's a cost in time to hunt around for the best deal. In the end, the same freedom that allows him to be so stupid allows him to go to his favorite store, Best Buy (which most of us know as Worst Buy). Let him be duped by their advertisements. when most of the time they won't have it in stock, and the sales staff will largely ignore you?

If you read his blabbering, he accuses me of being the kind who put Bush in power. Uh, yeah. Right. It's not just his ignorance of consumer's freedom to choose, not just ignorance of sale prices versus normal prices, but the latest example of Bush Derangement Syndrome. Isn't it fitting that he's from Massachusetts?

Update: it occurred to me what my friend Billy Beck routinely says: remember, these people can vote on your rights. It's idiots like this "Real Deal" who make the U.S., not just Massachusetts, the land of un-freedom it is today. By their votes, they create a monstrosity called government, which has no authority of its own, but rather uses force to take people's property. That there is my most important post ever, and it's worth reading and pondering again.

It doesn't matter whether "Real Deal" and other morons band together out of malice or sheer ignorance. What matters is that they come together and decide how to control your life, that they can simply take (steal) your property as they see fit, and that they can tell you who you can do business with and with whom you can't. They can do it firstly because the rest of us are socially conditioned from early years to accept it, courtesy of the virtual government monopoly on education. We're taught about "compromise" and "government doing for us what we cannot do for ourselves." No small part of this is the continued disarming of private citizenry, which history proves leads to government running roughshod over the people it claims to "protect."

Secondly, because the rest of us effectively sigh and accept it; we're prosperous enough that we think the resulting social upheaval, the restoration of a free land, makes it not worthwhile to fight back. It's tragically a rare individual who realizes that it is, with words now and our own force when the time comes, that those of us who produce things of economic worth, those of us who give a damn about real rights to our own lives and property, could be more prosperous without the shackles our neighbors place on us.

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