Monday, September 24, 2007

It's that new Democrat "fiscal conservatism"


September 21, 2007 -- ALBANY - Facing a projected $3.6 billion budget gap, the Spitzer administration expects to propose increasing spending next year "at no more than 5.3 percent."
And liberals have the audacity to accuse the GOP of fiscal irresponsibility? Not that I'm saying Republicans are saints, since both sides compete to be the party of big government, and God knows Bush is hardly a fiscal conservative, but I'm continually incredulous that voters can't see through Democrats' lies about their alleged "fiscal responsibility." Their only idea of balancing government budgets is to hike taxes, pure and simple. Sure, let's "soak the rich," shall we? Never mind that "the rich," through their saving and consumption spending, support the livelihoods of everyone else.

Note the tags I'm using here. "Big government," "Democrats" and "Liberal hypocrisy" are inextricable, aren't they?

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