Friday, August 03, 2007

Scott Thomas Beauchamp is a liar

When it comes to explaining how the military works, especially the command structure and equipment, I find McQ of QandO unparalleled. Don't miss his latest takedown of that lying ass, Scott Thomas, who unsurprisingly snookered The New Republic with implausible tales of American military behaving badly. The things Thomas claimed just wouldn't happen without a lot of repercussion to whoever was stupid enough to insult an IED-disfigured civilian contractor, wear a child's skull as a "yarmulke" (is anyone goddamn stupid enough to believe that?!), or maneuver a Bradley just to run over a dog. The CO would get in as much trouble, if not more, for not remedying the situation and disciplining the soldier.

There are only two possibilities: Thomas is telling the truth, or he is lying. If he is telling the truth, then he needs to be court-martialed for his conduct unbecoming a member of the U.S. Army. If he is lying, then he likewise needs to be court-martialed for...his conduct unbecoming a member of the U.S. Army. The same should have happened to John Kerry after his testimony before the Senate committee in 1971: either be court-martialed for his part in the war crimes he claimed they did, or be court-martialed for lying.


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