Sunday, June 24, 2007

Time to deport the whining bitch ASAP

I have no sympathy whatsoever for Zoila Meyer, who has been voting in this country as if she were a citizen and even got elected to the city council of Adelanto, California. I'm pretty open on immigration, but her residential status is completely beside the point. She was never a citizen and broke the law twice, first by voting, then by misreprenting herself as eligible for public office.

How can a person not know if he or she isn't a citizen? Did it ever occur to this brainless woman that you're not a citizen until you take the oath? On a side note, something I read years ago still disgusts me today. Some Mexican family had come to the U.S. years before and were desperate to get their retarded son naturalized. They pleaded with all involved federal offices and eventually got all the testing requirements waived, but officials said he still had to take the oath. The young man, however, had no cognitive abilities at all and couldn't even repeat the words. Why was the family so adamant? It wasn't out of the "noble" purpose of making him an American. I smelled the bullshit from the start, and at the end they admitted it was so he could collect Social Security.

"To be honest with you, I'm scared. How can they just pluck me out of my family, my kids?" Oh, finally Meyer is being "honest," eh? And she can be taken away from her family because she broke a very serious law, one that's rightfully a deportable offense.

"If they can do this to me, they can do it to anybody," she whined. Actually, it can't be done to me, or any of my closest friends, for we were born American citizens. It can't be done to my mother, for she's a properly naturalized citizen. (I say "can't be done" in the lawful sense, not in terms of pure ability to do something despite law and justice.) So what is Meyer's problem? It's simple: she committed fraud.

"I see people writing 'this is my country.' It really isn't. It belongs to the government and they decide who stays and who think you're free; you're really not." While she has a point about the openness of our immigration policies, it's a red herring: the issue is that citizens have certain rights beyond that of mere legal residents, namely voting and being eligible to run for public office, and she tried to pass herself off as a citizen.

Rather than Canada, I suggest deporting her back to Cuba, the land of free health care (warning: VERY DISTURBING IMAGES) -- preferably with Michael Moore so they can whine together. Just make sure she recompenses Adenalto's residents for whatever salary and benefits she received.



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