Monday, June 25, 2007

A public service announcement

My mother came to live with me several years ago, after my old man died. She's 62 years old with a touch of dementia and admittedly can get on my nerves, but in the end, she's mom, and I'm very protective.

She came home tonight and told me that a couple of women were in their cars and blocking the entire road, yakking away like it were their private henhouse. I think it's the same goddamn cunts who have done this a time or two before.

After my mother blipped her horn at them, they gave her the "go to hell" waveoff. So my mother stepped out and politely asked if she should just call the police. Then one of the bitches actually said that my mother doesn't even belong in this country, that she has small eyes.

Oh, is that so? Number one, English is one of four languages that my mother speaks. Now, wat can the two sluts speak, besides the dialect of white trash? Number two, my mother, being of principally Malaysian genetics, has eyes as big as any Caucasian's. Number three, my mother didn't get her U.S. citizenship as easily as being born here. She had to pass a test to become a citizen, back when tests weren't cakewalks like today's are, and I'd wager money that the two whores couldn't pass either test in their ignorant lifetimes. Finally, my mother had to swear an oath (which she did in English, unlike the bullshit of doing it in "your own language") renouncing her beloved homeland, because she wanted to change her allegiance to a country she grew to love more. How many Americans appreciate how good we have it here, that we're not moving elsewhere and renouncing this country?

My mother lied when I asked if those miserable twats were still there. She lied because she knows what I'm capable of doing, because I was ready to go out and raise some real hell. I'm protective of her, but she has her own way of protecting me.

Those goddamn cunts had better be "brave" only to an elderly woman all alone. If I ever am there when they speak to my mother that way (I doubt they would dare), they will wish they were in hell, for I won't give a shit about their gender and shall bring Gog and Magog upon them. And they won't like it.

Notice has been served. Nobody fucks with my mother.


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