Saturday, February 03, 2007

A travesty of justice

Last Halloween in Long Beach, a mob beat up three young women. Last week, nine were convicted, apparently in a bench trial. Yesterday, the judge said, "It was an awful crime. Terrible, emotional and physical injuries," then proceeded to sentence four to "250 hours of community service, 60 days house arrest, and take anger management and racial tolerance programs."

Strangely enough, the southern California coast has yet to go up in flames from all the "protests" of the ridiculous sentences. Oh, wait, the victims were white, and the criminals were black. Now what do you suppose would have happened if whites had beat up young black women, been convicted, and virtually gotten away with it because of light sentences?

White, black or brown, those goddamn little devils deserved to be beaten themselves within an inch of their worthless little lives. That is how you thwart criminals in their youth, by instilling in them the fear of society's retribution. One of the little punks said, "What will my life be like? I'm 18 and convicted of a hate crime." Perhaps now that little shit will learn to keep better company, and that he should get the hell out when a crowd shouting anti-white insults and throwing fruit.

Was he trying to help by taking a skateboard away, or was he saying, "Hey, let me have a turn"? Well, that slap on the wrist is his second chance. The victims weren't so lucky.


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