Saturday, February 03, 2007

But sometimes we do get justice from courts

Back in 2002, a man addressed a town board, saying, "That's why you're in a goddamn lawsuit." A cop arrested him for "disorderly conduct and using obscene language," and finally, finally, "The 6th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals reversed a lower court's decision that Montrose Township police officer Stephen Robinson had probable cause to arrest Thomas Leonard in 2002 when Leonard cursed while addressing the township board." In their ruling, the three judges wrote, "It cannot be seriously contended that any reasonable peace officer, or citizen, for that matter, would believe that mild profanity while peacefully advocating a political position could constitute a criminal act."

And the goddamn pigs want our goddamn respect when they pull goddamn stuff like this? How were they "protecting" and "serving" the others at the meeting by arresting a man whose use of "goddamn" wasn't against a single person?

One of my friends commented, "I've almost been arrested in Virginia Beach several times on vacations for that, imagine profanity being outlawed in public on a main street...WHERE ALL THE FUCKING BARS ARE."


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