Monday, January 08, 2007

Birth of a dictator

Are Venezuelans starting on the road to full-fledged tyranny? I think it's more that for a long time, they've been on a street which only now is being renamed to something more apt.
Chavez: Will nationalize telecoms, power
Venezuela's Chavez Says He Will Nationalize Telecommunications, Electrical Companies

CARACAS, Venezuela Jan 8, 2007 (AP)— President Hugo Chavez announced plans Monday to nationalize Venezuela's electrical and telecommunications companies, pledging to create a socialist state in a bold move with echoes of Fidel Castro's revolution in Cuba.

Chavez, who will be sworn in Wednesday to a third term that runs until 2013, also said he wanted a constitutional amendment to eliminate the autonomy of the Central Bank and would soon ask the National Assembly, solidly controlled by his allies, to give him greater powers to legislate by presidential decree.

"We're moving toward a socialist republic of Venezuela, and that requires a deep reform of our national constitution," Chavez said in a televised address after swearing in his new Cabinet. "We're heading toward socialism, and nothing and no one can prevent it."

Before Chavez was re-elected by a wide margin last month, he promised to take a more radical turn toward socialism. His critics have voiced concern that he would use his sweeping victory to consolidate more power in his own hands....
Well gosh, as a matter of historical record, socialist leaders have never tried to seize more power...right?

So you tell me: why is this man smiling?

Nice suit, Hugo, and the gold cufflinks are a nice touch. According to your own socialism, shouldn't you be dressed no better than anyone else, or does your egalitarianism not apply to spending the public's money on your wardrobe? Or are you just trying to impress Cindy Sheehan?

I'm not saying it's wrong to dress well (I for one probably devote too much energy to that), just that it's hypocritical for Hugo to go around in fine clothes while preaching "equality" -- not to mention blaspheming the name of Jesus Christ.

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