Sunday, January 28, 2007

And the Iranians take a page from John Kerry's playbook

First, An Iranian lawmaker announced that it was installing 3000 centrifuges at a uranium enrichment plant. Then, an Iranian nuclear official denied it.

What explains the flip-flop? Did Iran actually install the centrifuges before it didn't install them? Or, imagine this exchange when a certain Iran nuclear official pays a visit to a certain Iranian lawmaker as part of damage control.

Simorgh: Alaeddin, have you always had camel dung for brains?!

Boroujerdi: Hossein, what in the name of jihad are you talking about?

Simorgh: Look, Ahmadinejad is as angry as with you as a father would be with his raped daughter. Why did you announce we're going ahead with the centrifuges?

Boroujerdi: Well the whole world knows it, right? Even our friend ElBaradei admits it.

Simorgh: What are you, the son of an infidel? Let ElBaradei talk all he wants, because this Western illusion of an "international community" either doesn't believe him or doesn't care a dinar's worth. Meanwhile, we need you to keep quiet so Ahmadinejad can keep play the stall game.

Boroujerdi: Who needs to stall? Soon enough we'll have nuclear weapons, and Hezbollah can destroy Western cities.

Simorgh: You fool! Didn't you ever think that the Jewish state, which we talk about destroying while thumping our chests, could turn our cities into glass before we know it? So stop braying like such a talkative donkey, before you make the infidels feel really threatened.

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