Monday, December 04, 2006

So much for being our full-time Senator

The carpetbagger hasn't even been sworn in for her second Senate term, and she has the audacity to start drumming up support for the Democratic nomination in 2008 -- as if any intelligent person already didn't know she wants to run.

One of the most brazen examples of mainstream media bias I've ever seen was during the debate between Hillary and John Spencer (whom Hillary defeated handily this last November, 67% to 31%). Not once did the "moderator" even hint that Hillary might run for the White House, yet he asked Spencer -- in a tone bordering on "demanded" -- to promise that, if elected, he would serve a full term and not run again for Yonkers mayor. I couldn't believe that was even asked, saying to myself, "What the hell?"

I had high hopes that Jeanine Pirro would do a lot of damage to Hillary's presidential aspirations, even if the former didn't win. Her best tactic would have been to demand, at every opportunity, that Hillary promise to serve the full six years. The campaign slogan I made up for her drove home the point, but enough voters across New York state were too blind or willfully ignorant to Hillary's 2008 ambitions. Now we have proof.


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