Thursday, November 30, 2006

How government creates work -- for itself

The friend I mentioned last weekend called the EEOC today. One of those goddamned agents of Satan poisoned my friend's mind, convincing her to file a sexual discrimination complaint.

But wait just a minute: there was no discrimination, sexual or otherwise. Besides, "sexual discrimination" doesn't explain how a female colleague was getting a lot of work. Nonetheless, my friend has started talking about a "timeline" and how she finally sees a "pattern" of her ex-boss doing this and that. Not once did she mention those to me prior to today. Additionally, I recently asked, while she was still working there, if her boss had tried hitting on her. She said no. I didn't expect her to say yes, thinking it was a very remote possibility, but I wanted to explore anything that might explain her boss' behavior. In fact, now she says her boss was fine until a certain point, but that doesn't jive with her previous complaints (to me) that he never gave her opportunities for work or training.

My friend is still upset and pursuing futile "revenge" (which will get her nowhere even if she "wins") when she ought to be expending her energies in looking for a new job. She could have found a temp job this week, possibly Monday afternoon if she'd called that morning. Or she could find a holiday sales job at a department store. Instead, she's become worse: now she's been suckered in by the EEOC's lies.

When it comes to convincing people that they're "victims," nobody does it better, except maybe Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton. Of course the EEOC would tell her to file it as sex discrimination! How else do its people have work? Ostensibly it was created to ensure "fairness" in employment -- a power government does not legitimately have anyway. But even if it did, "mission creep" doesn't begin to describe how the EEOC has perverted its stated purpose. Its people are worse than ambulance chasers. They want to drum up as much business as possible because it makes them look good, especially if they can talk to someone like my friend for only 20 minutes and have her submit a complaint. When more complaints are filed, they appear more efficient, they can receive more resources and bigger bonuses next year, and they can hire more staff -- which means more money in the unions' coffers.

I'm trying to talk sense into my friend but seem to be getting nowhere. Deep inside, she must know she's really stretching here, but she'd rather listen to the government than one of her best friends.


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