Wednesday, October 18, 2006

What have I been up to lately?

Well, here is my Intrade newsletter for October 10th, and here is my newsletter's October 18th edition. The first one, which was a little "audition" to show what I can do, was e-mailed out but not published on their website.

I rather liked writing the last one because I had an opportunity to touch on economic thought, specifically Kirzner's conception of the entrepreneur. Schumpeter viewed entrepreneurship as the "creative destruction" responsible for propelling economies forward. Mises believed entrepreneurs were "risk-bearers." Both are valid, being non-mutually exclusive perspectives. However, it was Kirzner (who taught my micro professor, Dr. Sanford Ikeda) who pointed out the entrepreneur's quality of "discovering" profit opportunities, especially when he prepared himself to be alert to anything new.

The GOP will almost certainly lose the House, and its control of the Senate hinges on two races. Talk amongst yourselves.


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