Thursday, October 05, 2006

Are the cops afraid of becoming obsolete?

Criminals don't obey weapons laws, and police already assume (or should) that someone taken into custody can be armed. So I wonder if the NYPD's reaction to this tiny firearm is because they're secretly afraid regular people will have the means to defend themselves, making the police less necessary if not obsolete.

October 4, 2006 -- They are small and dangerous - a powerful miniature handgun that fires tiny bullets and a pint-sized plastic handcuff key that can be easily hidden by suspects and prisoners in custody.

City cops are on the alert for the SwissMiniGun - a 2.16-inch replica of a Colt Python capable of shooting bullets that are just one-third of an inch long.

The six-shot revolver - which sells for about $500 and can literally fit in the palm of a hand - is capable of causing serious damage, authorities say.

The guns cannot be imported legally, but smuggling is a concern, officials said.

Cops are also watching out for plastic handcuff keys that are approximately the size of a nickel.

The keys cannot be picked up by metal detectors and look like a pendant when worn on a chain.

The NYPD last Saturday warned the city's 36,000 officers to "use extreme vigilance" when searching, guarding and transporting prisoners.
If you might be confronted by an enemy, and it's likely your hired protection won't be around, doesn't it make sense to arm yourself at least as well as your attacker? Imagine common citizens carrying SwissMiniGuns inside their belts. When a would-be mugger demands a wallet or purse, a near-victim can turn the tables quickly. You'll have one badly wounded criminal, one averted crime, and a truly empowered citizen who didn't need to rely on government for protection.

As for the tiny key, I would think it appropriate to empty a suspect's pockets and confiscate all personal items, including jewelry and watches, "just in case."



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