Saturday, June 10, 2006

Who really believes Hamas abided by a "truce"?

"Hamas Militants Fire Rockets at Israel" reads the headline, with the misleading "Hamas Militants Fire Barrage of Homemade Rockets at Israel After Calling Off Truce" below.

Another article I read, which I can't find right now, said that Hamas "mostly abided" by the truce. "Mostly" is like a Catholic priest "mostly" staying celibate, or a drug addict "mostly" staying clean. The Anti-Defamation League's brief history of Hamas notes that ever since Israel's withdrawal in August 2005, Hamas has used Gaza to fire dozens of rockets into southern Israel (and the document was updated last January, meaning many more attacks have occurred since). So who really believes Hamas ever sincerely abided by the cease-fire? And when not breaking the cease-fire but claiming to uphold it, when not assisting other terrorists but claiming to uphold the cease-fire, Hamas with Iranian help has been developing a new longer-range missile to reach further into Israel.

It's a clear indication of Palestinian mentality that mere thousands attended the civilians' funeral, but tens of thousands thronged a soccer stadium to mourn a terrorist leader. Considering the attitude of Palestinian propaganda rags, I don't even have as much sympathy for the civilians as I'd like to. They were on a beach near known spots from where their fellow Palestinians perennially launch rockets toward Israel, with the intent to kill Israeli civilians. So Israel has nothing to apologize about, not until Palestinians come to terms with their blindness toward the murder of innocent Israelis, and certainly not before Palestinians acknowledge that they want terrorists to lead them. Hamas gaining power in the Palestinian government was hardly a big change for the end results: Arafat never changed his terrorist spots and never stopped calling for the destruction of Israel, and he was succeeded by Holocaust-denier Abbas.

The New York Times claimed that this "embarrassed Israel," but why should Israel give a damn about what France thinks? Let French officials issue the same condemnations of the suicide bombings, and then their opinion might be worth a nanosecond of consideration.


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