Tuesday, June 27, 2006

Death sentence for Bruno the bear

I always feel bad when we have to kill wild animals that are just being themselves, because they're not being evil, but sometimes we have no choice. This black bear in Germany that was so used to humans that it was even wandering through the town at one point. There was no alternative. It had slaughtered many farm animals and one of these days could have easily killed a person.

What's truly sick are the threats directed at the Bavarian hunting association, particularly death threats against the hunter (who remains anonymous) who shot the bear. Schoolchildren even got into the act, starting a petition against killing it. Would PETA's European cousins still feel the same way had "Bruno" mauled a child that got too close? The hunter deserves praise, not hate. Animal rights activists would have you think that it's a crime to drive a species out of an area, but consider the Germans who weren't killed by bears since 1835, not to mention the livestock.


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