Wednesday, May 24, 2006

Congratulations, Taylor Hicks!

I must say, today has been among the best I've ever known. It was just so happy, energetic and even musical -- the kind of day where you hear Sinatra in the air, and you walk to the beat of "I've Got You Under My Skin" while snapping your fingers. Even work, with a database ready to blow up in our faces, couldn't faze me.

My day is now complete. All right, I did say I'd never watch American Idol again, but I decided to watch tonight's finale. It surprised me to hear so many good singers (especially Mandisa) who were better than Ace, Kellie and Katherine, maybe even Elliot, but were voted off before I started watching.

It was a treat to see Burt Bacharach and Dionne Warwick. Burt is getting along in years, but it hasn't diminished his piano playing. Dionne was clearly getting old. Her voice has aged but is still pretty good, considering, except that she was weak on the high notes.

Prince was boring; no more need be said.

Taylor was my favorite from the start, because I enjoyed his style so much. The guy just gets out there to perform and have a good time, and he exudes the attitude that if he wins, it's a bonus, not the goal. However, after the first few shows I saw (starting with Rod Stewart), I favored Chris to win. When Chris was stupidly voted off in favor of Katherine, I expected Elliott to pull it off.

I'm pleased with the results. Maybe it was like 2004, that a lot of Chris' "Soul Patrol" felt they had to "get out the vote" so the lesser competitor wouldn't win.


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