Saturday, May 13, 2006

Chirac: "Never surrender, at least not just once"

"We are used to these kind of problems in France"
Hardly something France should be proud of
Nice unemployment if you can get it
French winemaker terrorists

There is a Klingon saying: "It is a good day to die, and the day is not yet over." (Worf said it to Duras in the TNG episode "Sins of the Father.")

The French version for about 136 years has been more succinct: "It is a good day to surrender."
Chirac Experiences a Year of Crises, Chaos

PARIS May 13, 2006 (AP)— President Jacques Chirac started 2006 by declaring his determination to make it "a useful year for France." Instead, his government has lurched from crisis to crisis.

Riots, protests and, now, sordid revelations in an alleged dirty tricks campaign sullying the top echelons of power are all but ruining chances for meaningful reform, and risk dooming Chirac's governing right ahead of next year's elections for president and parliament.
Happy 2006, Jacque.

Chirac and his government's last major surrender was only last month. After students rioted throughout France over a proposed labor law, he went on to sign what was originally a very sensible reform in French labor law. However, he didn't do so despite the protests. Actually, he did it only in response, as he signed it and immediately asked that it not be enforced. Nine days later, it was replaced by a mockery of the original. It expanded state powers instead of reducing them, and worst of all, it capitulated to the students and their "poor me!" demands. The new law failed to include the needed reform allowing French companies to fire young employees who weren't working out.

The Muslim riots were only last October and November; de Villepin's response was to promise more training and education programs for them. Fourteen months ago, French winemakers were bombing government offices to force it to increase their bailout. France has degenerated to the point that an everyday Parisian can say, "We are used to these kind of problems in France." Had the Nazis invaded today, they'd have only needed to knock on the Maginot Line before Chirac sued for peace.



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