Thursday, April 06, 2006

Well that was fun

A friend decided to get lunch early, and I accompanied her to our office building's cafeteria on a lower floor. Just after we stepped up to the cashier, the cafeteria manager came over and said, "We've been told to evacuate the building." He said it loudly but not excitedly, nor with any sense of urgency in his voice.

Everyone had rushed to the elevators, and my friend was rather concerned. I was rather calm about it, perhaps too calm. We could have been in the middle of a nuclear war, or a real life version of "The Towering Inferno," and I probably would have still taken my time. After a minute of waiting by the elevators, the manager announced we didn't have to evacuate after all, though he didn't explain what was happening. The cashier and another said something to each other in Spanish, frantically enough that I didn't understand it. But no need to worry, it seemed.

Strangely enough, word of the short-lived evacuation order didn't reach our own floor.


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