Friday, April 07, 2006

Sunset at the reservoir

With Daylight Savings Time in effect, I'm now arriving home just as the sun is dipping below the tree line. When I got home earlier, I felt well enough to go to the nearby reservoir and take some pictures. A recent conversation with my landlord reminded me that I've lived here for four years, yet I've never explored the reservoir. It's very popular with fishermen and one of the city's water sources.

As the crow flies, the nearest edge is only 100 yards away from me, though it's through the woods. I drove a third of a mile to the main road, then not quite a half mile down, and about a third of a mile to the end of the dead-end road. After that, it was a matter of wandering around to look for good shots. Fortunately I didn't trip on one of the many branches and rip my suit pants. I did change my shoes, but I was trying to beat the sun and so didn't change into jeans.

Clicking these images will load the larger ones (scaled down from the originals). These were my five picks out of a few dozen. One shot is of a couple of local ducks, and I nearly got a great shot of one that was honking by the side of a road. He flapped and flew off, though, because of a passing car.


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