Thursday, April 13, 2006

John Bolton's speech tonight on the UN and Iran

John Bolton spoke and then entertained questions at the University Club in Manhattan, on Fifth Avenue and not far from where I work. Many thanks to the Federalist Society's New York City Chapter for its wonderful event, and to our friend Karol for listing it on her events calendar.

It was really a pleasure to hear Ambassador Bolton speak on the UN (Little Green Footballs had a great video that moonbats put together to disparage Bolton before his confirmation, which showed me that he's the right man for the job). It was a bonus to hear him about Iran, and an honor to shake his hand afterward. I quipped that he probably likes the scene in one of the "Pink Panther" movies where Herbert Lom's villain character used a ray weapon to wipe out the UN building. In fact, he didn't remember it, but maybe now he'll rent it to see.

However, I'll have to blog about this tomorrow night. Two nights in a row, I've gotten home pretty late. Work in the morning, things to do around the house, clothes to prepare for the morrow, and I'm really tired. I can't express how much I'm looking forward to a three-day weekend.


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