Wednesday, March 29, 2006

When the War on Terror gets tough...Democrats still only talk tough

So now the Democrats "pledge" to "eliminate" Osama. What's next, they'll wave a magic wand and make things as good as God's kingdom on Earth?

Harry Reid, Nancy Pelosi and other Democrats behind this latest stunt have clearly never seen "The Great Escape" (perhaps the best war movie ever, even surpassing "The Dirty Dozen"). Maybe "The Mask of Zorro" is what they recently screened: "It's not just one man, damn it, it's Zorro!" Osama isn't Zorro, though, and he is just one man. It didn't matter that we didn't get him at Tora Bora, no matter how many times John Kerry protested during the debates. He's been neutralized since late 2001 ever since having to go into hiding, evidenced by his silence and Zarqawi and Zawahiri's increased prominence. So unless we want to waste manpower and time for pure revenge, let's not pay any heed to the Democrats' latest game of "pseudo-bravado for votes." I'm hardly a Republican (let alone a loyal one), but the Democrats really are the party of saying and doing anything.

If we did double our special forces and sent in more spies, all for just Osama, he'd laugh to cardiac failure at our stupidity. The whole purpose of "The Great Escape" was that, no matter whether Steve McQueen & Co. succeeded, they made the Nazis waste a lot of time and men looking for them -- resources that could have been used at the front. Increasing our presence will only detract from what is most critical, which, like it or not, is Iraq.

As Jon Henke pointed out a while back, "The Reality Based Community is promising faith-based foreign policy." It's a must-read every time we begin to think the Democrats might actually have a plan of substance. Howard Dean said:
First we will conclude the negotiations with the Chinese and the North Koreans to disarm North Korea. Secondly, under no circumstances will a Democratic Administration ever allow Iran to become a nuclear power. Three, we will kill or capture Osama bin Laden and four, the authority and the control of the ports of the United States must be retained by American companies.
Jon tore Dean's rubbish apart in detail, and I left a brief comment wondering about the magic wand the Democrats appear to have. It's like the young mouse's proposal to bell the cat, which everyone thought was a great idea...until the wise old mouse asked just how he proposed to do it. I guess like with the cat, dealing with North Korea, Iran and Osama will involve asking nicely. Have the Democrats really never advanced beyond Jimmy Carter's foreign policy?

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Blogger Steven Tomer said...

I cried at the end of the Dirty Dozen. Jim Brown was throwing these hand grenades down these airshafts. And Richard Jaeckel and Lee Marvin (sob) were sitting on top of this armored personnel carrier, dressed up like Nazis...

Wednesday, March 29, 2006 12:49:00 PM  
Blogger Perry Eidelbus said...

What real man didn't cry at the end? "Sleepless in Seattle" wasn't exaggerating at all.

Thursday, March 30, 2006 3:17:00 PM  

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