Monday, February 13, 2006

Talk about bad taste

The Oscars have become that time of the year when so many liberal moonbats gather together, you'd think Cindy Sheehan's protests were moderate. Sometimes the Academy demonstrates such bad taste that you'd wonder how they could judge the difference between "The Godfather" and an Ed Wood film.
Israel lobbies against "Palestine" tag at Oscars

JERUSALEM (Reuters) - Israel and U.S. Jewish groups have lobbied organizers of next month's Academy Awards not to present a nominated film about Palestinian suicide bombers as coming from "Palestine," an Israeli diplomat said on Sunday.

With Israelis and Palestinians locked in conflict over national claims on the same land, the provenance of "Paradise Now" is as combustible an issue as its plot in the run-up to the March 5 ceremony, which will be watched by millions worldwide.

A drama about two men from the occupied West Bank recruited to blow themselves up in Tel Aviv, "Paradise Now" is a contender for the Oscar in the "best foreign film" category.

Many Israelis were irked when the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences, in publishing the nomination, said "Paradise Now" came from "Palestine."

While the tag remains on the academy's Web site, an Israeli diplomat said he expected the film to be described as coming from the "Palestinian Authority" during the awards ceremony.

"Both the Israeli consulate in Los Angeles and several concerned Jewish groups pointed out that no one, not even the Palestinians themselves, have declared the formal creation of 'Palestine' yet, and thus the label would be inaccurate," the diplomat told Reuters on condition of anonymity.

The academy could not immediately be reached for comment....
Actually, what's really in bad taste is that someone can make a sick film about two murderers, then be nominated for an Oscar. Or that a celebrated director can make an allegedly historically based but bogus film based on pure fiction, with the caveat "Inspired by true events," and be nominated for an Oscar.


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