Friday, January 27, 2006

Voting for terrorists

I was premature last night. Hamas didn't just win a large number of seats in the Palestinian election: they won a majority. Election results so far are that Hamas candidates won 72 out of 136 seats.

Israel will rightfully refuse to work with a Hamas-led government, and the United States will not recognize a Palestinian government led by terrorists. So is the Mideast peace process dead? I never though it was ever alive. Whether dominated by Arafat (may he roast in hell), Abbas or Hamas, the Palestinian leadership has yet to make the single gesture that will start real peace: sincere recognition of Israel's right to exist. Arafat, ridiculously awarded the Nobel Prize for talking peace in English, still called for Israel's destruction in Arabic. Abbas never addressed that issue, instead secretly depending on suicide bombers continuing to murder innocent Israelis, and Sharon's foolish belief that withdrawing from "occupied territories" would do anything.

Anwar Sadat wanted sincere peace with Israel, and look at the gratitude that some his fellow Muslims showed.

Like I've said before, people fully deserve the candidates they elect. The Palestinian people are worthy of murderous thugs who will promise everything, yet prove to be as corrupt, as tyrannical as anyone else. The only difference is that Hamas admits it's a gang of terrorists and Holocaust deniers. Arafat, Abbas and others lied through their teeth.

I completely disagree with Jonah Goldberg, who said: "These were free elections and Fatah appears to be honoring their result. That is a huge victory for democracy and shouldn't be downplayed.... The silver lining (see point 1) is that there is now democratic accountability or, more accurately, a precedent for accountability." Really? Just like when German voters gave the Nazis a plurality in the Reichstag in July 1932? Weren't those free elections too, and thus a "huge victory for democracy"?

Good elections are always free, but that does not mean free elections are always good. Results do matter.

Goldberg is mostly correct further on: "Cut off from foreign aid -- hopefully -- Hamas may prove themselves incapable of governing. Meanwhile, Fatah can use some time in the wilderness, away from the purse strings, in order to separate out the purely corrupt from the incidentally corrupt, the kleptocrats from the democrats." The true silver lining of Hamas winning the elections is that the U.S. now has an excuse to stop giving "aid" to the Palestinian government, though we shouldn't give any regardless of who's leading (in their country or ours). President Bush had no Constitutional authority to give the $50 million that only served to fund thugs and promote the Palestinian leaders' tyranny.

Remember this picture I posted last night of these Hamas supporters?

Well, I thought they could use a little change from the leather, so how about some appropriately fashionable T-shirts?

Maybe certain Palestinians can get these as bumper stickers for those fire-an-assault-rifle-out-your-car-window celebrations.

Note: those T-shirt images (the original blank image was borrowed from are satire. As you should be able to tell, in no way do I condone voting for such terrorist thugs, let alone supporting them (monetarily, intellectually or otherwise).


Blogger TKC said...

Yet I've been told more than once already that a Hamas government is legitimate because it was democratically voted for.

That is an absurd notion if there ever was one. The two wolves and a sheep voting on what is for dinner is democratic. From the point of view of the sheep it is hardly legitimate.

Friday, January 27, 2006 8:08:00 PM  
Anonymous Quincy said...

Ever more evidence that democracy and tryanny are perfectly compatible.

Sunday, January 29, 2006 1:48:00 AM  

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