Thursday, December 15, 2005

The night at the Iguana

Not Tennessee Williams' play of a similar name, but the restaurant and lounge in midtown Manhattan, located on 54th Street near Broadway. We held our company holiday party there tonight. I got home only an hour ago, and since it's so late and I still am trying to finish things before getting some sleep, I won't be able to blog about anything else.

We rented out the basement floor, which has a very nice club atmosphere. So we grooved, ate, and drank. Some of us more than others, especially the third. A certain co-worker was likely surprised that I suddenly coaxed her into doing a little cha-cha with me, but it was just because she happened to be near me when the music changed to a sensual Latin beat. Normally I'm more reserved and would never do that with someone I hardly know, but a quantity of alcohol had loosened my inhibitions.

Morgan Stanley's parties (just for our retail branch) in 2003 and 2004 were fun, especially because I did some crooning each time. However, tonight was, hands down, the best company party, of any variety, I've ever attended.


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