Thursday, December 08, 2005

My own miracle on 34th Street

It was that I got out alive and still in one piece.

Macy's had a big sale today, so after work, I went to the flagship store at 34th Street and Herald Square. It seemed half of Manhattan had descended upon that one store, pushing past each other, rifling through racks and bins of heavily discounted clothes, and queueing for what felt like hundreds of yards. The search costs were very, very high, but at least for me, worth it in the end. I originally had not planned on getting anything of the kind, but one of my purchases was a five-pack of Liz Claiborne fragrances for men. That variety should keep me going for a while.

Cologne is one of my mortal weaknesses: it's hard for me to walk past the men's fragrances counter at a department store without stopping to see what's new. My present favorite is "Higher Dior" by Christian Dior, which of my friends said she liked best out of my collection. It's light enough to wear at the office without worrying that I'll overpower someone, yet complex and almost playful. It has primarily citrus notes, which I've always preferred from my first cologne, Tommy Classic. Another citrus cologne I wore is "Extreme" by Bulgari, which "Higher Dior" succeeded. I like Givenchy's "Fresh" Pi better than the regular; its vanilla can be a little heavy, but very nice for winter. For a lighter fresh scent, I like Tiffany's "Sport" cologne. And when nighttime calls for something darker and more sensual, I favor Dolce et Gabbana's Eau de Toilette or Lacoste Pour Homme.

How about it, guys, what colognes do you like? And how about you, ladies, what do you like on men? Please, may none of you actually recommend Axe. Not only do I find the commercials ridiculous, to my nose, Axe has all the finesse of Old Spice.

The best perfumes for women, I think, are by BCBG. I don't recall the name, as it was a few years ago. I was checking out BCBG's perfumes as a gift for a friend, because I knew she really liked them, and one struck me as nighttime embodied in liquid.


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