Thursday, November 17, 2005

Removing blood, part II

Reader Lindsay Osbon, a territory manager for Milliken Napery Fabrics Business, sent the following helpful tip:
Any blood from a living human (like you, assumably) should come out fairly easily even after it dries. A stain remover stick (like Shout) usually will take care of it. Blood from a non-living human (or animal) is a different story. It has very few oxygen molecules in it (which is, conversely, why your OxyClean works so well). Blood from the non-living is much harder to get out of fabric.

As for the root cause, try a styptic pencil. They are usually found at your old-school barber shops. They sting, but they will seal that cut immediately!
I've never had much luck removing blood that has set, having lost a couple of shirts all because of this mole. About four years ago, I was at my aunt's house, getting ready to leave with her for a rather posh wine tasting; that year, Lauber Imports threw a very nice affair at the Marriot Marquis in midtown Manhattan. Then my little (at the time) cousin pointed out a trickle of blood down the collar of my white shirt.

I really should pick up a styptic pencil, though they wouldn't help if I don't notice the bleeding right away. I used to use them years ago, when first getting used to shaving. My best option is one I've thought about for several years, ever since I had it done to a couple of others: go to a dermatologist to have the mole removed. But that takes time during the day...


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