Friday, November 11, 2005

I recall Central Park in fall

In the course of taking these photographs, no dresses were torn, nor were any messes created.

Here are some shots of the squirrels (yes, I like them and find them adorable), who are very busy scampering around to store up food for winter. Clicking the second will bring you to a larger size; the others were not taken as close, so the cropped images are about as good as I could get.

I wonder how tame the squirrels are from people occasionally offering them various types of nuts. Sometimes I could get their attention by making clicking sounds with my tongue, and they would look right at me as if expecting food.

Tuesday was overcast and rather dreary, though not too cold. You can compare the following picture (click for a larger image) to the other two taken from the same spot, the Wollman rink.

Thursday afternoon was a little cooler but had beautiful blue skies. I took my lunch alone and walked a different route than usual, and here are two vistas looking toward the southwest corner of the park, rather than southeast. (Click them to get a larger-sized image.)


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