Tuesday, October 18, 2005

Photo hunting

Yesterday I went to lunch with a couple of friends, to a little Cuban restaurant on 47th Street. Not that great: for $9 I expect more meat and not 90% rice. I think I'll stick to Yips on 52nd Street, between Fifth and Sixth Avenues. Very good Chinese food, and good-sized portions for $6 or so.

So today was my first opportunity since last week's heavy rains to walk around Central Park during lunchtime. Armed with my new camera, I scouted for some good shots. (Caution: fairly large images which may take a bit to load, depending on your connection.)

This is the pond at the southeast corner.

The local ducks were very happy. A nice lady was feeding them a type of seed meant for wild birds.

"Let's make waves!"

I was able to get a fairly close shot of a sparrow.

For a while I was trying to get a front shot of this squirrel. Finally he turned tail and ran (pun intended) into this flower bush.

His friend was just as elusive, but I got a slightly blurry one of him in action.


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