Thursday, October 20, 2005

"Criminals thrive on the indulgence of society's understanding."

Those were 140 minutes well-spent. I love movies of all kinds but am not a movie theatre person, so though "Batman Begins" garned a lot of great reviews, I didn't see it in the theatres. But my friend Charlie highly recommended it, and as he's a very harsh critic of any movie, it must be very good.

After I got home, I drove out to Connecticut to buy some Powerball tickets (which didn't win, so I'll have to go to work as planned). Being in the vicinity, I stopped by the Danbury Wal-Mart to pick up a few things, and I couldn't resist picking up a "Batman Begins" DVD for $15.

Not since "Spiderman 2" have I seen such a great movie. Action, comedy, the tragic romance that can't be, and a great cast. Four stars, two thumbs up. It's a far better movie than "Star Trek: Nemesis" -- although "Nemesis" wasn't as bad as I remembered. Perhaps it grew on me.

I wound up cancelling my order (for Nemesis) the same day, because estimated delivery wasn't for 10 days, and I wasn't going to pay several dollars more for faster shipping. So the day it was released, after work I took a stroll up to the Borders at Columbus Circle. For the cost of a half-hour after work, I was able to watch it that night.


Blogger Scorpius said...

I saw it, and I must say I really liked it. I was suprised, though, since I haven't liked Christian Bale since the obnoxious and horrid movie "American Psycho" came out. One thing I would say held me off giving it four stars, and that was it felt too rushed. They had a lot of characters and a lot of plot lines in the movie and even two hours was not enough. We got inside Batman's head pretty well, but the rest of the characters felt two-dimensional.

Oh, well, it is a good start, and a good change from the crappy Batman films of the last decade or so.

Saturday, October 22, 2005 12:12:00 PM  

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