Monday, October 17, 2005

And now for something completely different

Photoblogging really isn't my thing, but I thought I'd share some pictures from today (well, Sunday, it's now Monday morning). I have a few "meat" issues to address, but as I'm a trifle tired tonight, they'll have to wait till tomorrow.

Click each image for a larger one (not full-size, though, I shrank them from 2476 pixels across to 500). The left picture in the first row is the woodpile just outside my apartment, as morning sunlight hit it. I wish I had something to give an idea of how much wood is there; it's a lot, about five feet high at the back, and several feet long. This winter I shall definitely make use of my fireplace, whereas before I mainly used it for ambience.

I took the picture on the right when dark clouds started coming in, but thankfully they didn't last.

These are shots of Croton Falls Reservoir, in Putnam County (north of Westchester). When the sun hits it just right, the water is a brilliant sapphire blue. A few years ago, specifically on a spring afternoon, I had fallen so madly in love that the water seemed perfectly clear all the way to the bottom.


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