Sunday, July 10, 2005

What do they expect?

Barrier to separate 55,000 Palestinian residents from Jerusalem

Around a quarter of the Palestinian population of Jerusalem face being cut off from the rest of the holy city after Israel's cabinet approved a new route for its controversial West Bank barrier....

The revised route of the barrier will mean that some 55,000 residents of east Jerusalem, which was captured and annexed by Israel in 1967, will no longer be able to travel freely throughout the holy city. Around 230,000 Palestinians live in the city....

[Israeli Deputy Prime Minister Ehud] Olmert insisted that citizens who found themselves outside the route of the barrier would not lose access to services.

"They will continue to be the beneficiaries of the social and municipal services which they are entitled to as holders of residency cards," Olmert said, adding that building work around Jerusalem should finish in September.

Palestinian leader Mahmud Abbas said that the move would undermine the peace process.

"I do not believe this is helpful either to the peace process or to Israeli security," Abbas told reporters. "It will put obstacles in the way of peace."
The article, of course, doesn't include that Israel captured East Jerusalem in 1967 after, how can we put it, "severe aggression" by Egypt, Jordan and Syria.

What do Palestinians expect when their people commit suicide bombings and regularly break into Israeli settlements to shoot Israelis? That Israel will allow them to travel unfettered?

Abbas, a known Holocaust denier, is half wrong. He's technically correct that this is an obstacle to peace, if by "peace" he means the process by which the PLO, Hamas, et al, threaten violence until Israel gives up land.

This barrier is nothing but helpful to Israelis' security. If Palestinians don't want Israel to undertake measures that crack down on Palestinian "militants," then Palestinians need to stop their people from murdering Israelis. It's that simple.


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