Friday, July 01, 2005

Mainstream media and Al Sharpton make heroes out of car thieves

The AP headline via Yahoo! News and the LA Times:
Man's Skull Fractured in NYC Racial Attack

The CNN headline with
Man faces hate-crime charges in NY attack

The New York Times headline:
White Men Attacked 3 Black Men in Howard Beach Hate Crime, the Police Say

The proper headline:
Would-be Car Thieves Get Chased, One Beaten

The articles only briefly mention what the New York Post reported in its full story: the three blacks admitted that they were looking to steal a car. The Post reported that they were looking to steal a Chrysler 300M for someone who was going to pay them $6000. So when big media makes this a racial issue, when quasi-Reverend Al Sharpton visits the victim in the hospital and announces a march, they're just making heroes out of criminals. They all have rap sheets, for heaven's sake, including auto theft.

The AP article claims that the victim didn't know about the plans to steal a car, but if so, what did he think his friends were doing at 3 a.m. in a strange neighborhood, especially after they eyed one expensive car and moved on because of nearby people? He himself had a previous arrest for auto theft, but this time he was just tagging along innocently?

His mother told the Post, "No matter what our skin color is, we should be able to go wherever we want to go." That is true but still beside the point: what does she think her son was doing there? Well, she told the Times, he was just walking home. Take a look at this map to see where Jamaica and Howard Beach are. The neighborhoods aren't miles wide, but they're not that tiny, either. If he was "walking home," that makes as much sense as if I commuted home (from Manhattan to Westchester) via New Jersey.

I'm not at all excusing the attack, but isn't it rather evident that the three were up to no good at all? They hadn't done anything and can't be charged, but that doesn't compel us to weep. The "victim" was in the wrong place at the wrong time, but more importantly, wittingly looking to do the wrong thing.

This incident was no more "racially motivated" than a bank robber is "financially motived": the three white men saw three suspicious characters who they didn't recognize as neighborhood residents, and who were suspiciously skulking around in the middle of the night. Yes, their physical appearance indicated they probably didn't belong! So what? They looked out of place like I would on 125th Street in Harlem. When blacks in Crown Heights murdered Yankel Rosenbaum in a vicious, erroneously retaliatory racial attack, where was Al? He was making every anti-Semitic phrase while trying to turn a simple car accident into a race-motivated murder, ignoring the real murder.

Go march, Sharpton. Make more heroes out of punks, like you did with Rodney King.


Blogger WitNit said...

Sharpton is not and has never been a legitimate black leader. He's just another thug.

And the MSM keep that under wraps. (sigh)

Friday, July 01, 2005 10:03:00 PM  

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