Saturday, July 02, 2005

A hilarious "War of the Worlds" parody

What do you call a parody of a hoax? A great laugh. Via Instapundit.

Iowahawk: War of the Worlds: The Lost Version

My favorite lines:

"Professor, as we look out and see the Martian mechano-men smashing and blowing up the countryside, I think all America wants to know: why do they hate us?"

"Captain, I think question on the mind of all our listeners is obvious – have you received authorization for this action from the League of Nations?"

"If you proceed without the cooperation of Prime Minister Chamberlain or Mr. Stalin or the Germans, won’t the mechano-men have a strong case that this is an illegal, unilateral strike that only serves the interest of the United States, and neo-Venusian masters? Won’t this just anger the Martian community, and provoke them further? What about the brutal New Jersey winter? What about --"

"But let us also reflect on a particular irony: the will of the US war machine, impervious as it was to the death rays of the mechano-men, was slain by the lowest forms of life that God had put upon this earth... professors, reporters, senators, judges and actors."


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