Friday, May 13, 2005

Awesome the movie shall be, if decent Hayden's acting is

[Corrected to read The Empire Strikes Back where I originally wrote Return of the Jedi.]

The New York Post has a contest for 400 passes (200 winners of two each) to see Episode III at a special advance screening on May 18th. Will the Force be with me?

The official site has several trailers, each of which hints at a movie that will...simply rock. I can't wait!

Meanwhile, I just finished Episode III's novelization by Matthew Stover, based on George Lucas' story and screenplay. I thoroughly enjoyed it and unhesitatingly recommend it, if you don't mind spoiling the movie. If it's any indication, the movie might just equal, dare I say surpass, The Empire Strikes Back. That praise does not come lightly! I expect that everyone turned in a great performance, except for Hayden Christensen, about whom we cannot be sure.

He will be the shatterpoint. Awesome the movie shall be, if decent Hayden's acting is. But difficult to foresee. Cloud our minds, the Dark Side does.

Hayden could have been much better in Episode II, but I blame it on bad scriptwriting. He had been given some truly terrible lines and had no chance, really. For example, when he spoke to Padmé about his heart's pain, the words were more like Obi-Wan's style; his acting wasn't bad, per se, it was that his lines didn't suit the character. But if the Episode III novelization shows his actual lines, Hayden may do just fine.

After my bad experiences with Star Trek novelizations (one needs to stick to Peter David and Diane Duane's excellent original novels), I was prepared to be disappointed. And, admittedly, Stover starts off with a lot of choppy paragraphs, like a New York Post editorial. I prefer longer, flowing paragraphs, perhaps not as intricate as a Henry James novel, but I noticed many places where an editor could have made the words go more smoothly.

However, his style improves right as Part 2 begins. More extensive dialogue helped a lot. Overall: B+/A-. Very enjoyable, and it captures a lot about the Force's subtleties, the relationships, and what the characters were thinking at certain times that would be hard to incorporate into the movie.

The hardcover's MSRP is $25.95, but I bought it from Walmart for around $18 (I'll have to check my receipt again). Target has it for $17.13, at least that's the online price. Walmart has it online for $15.76 -- is that a new store price, too? Walmart also has a softcover for $5.51, but it's by a different author and I don't know any specifics.


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