Thursday, April 07, 2005

My sentiments exactly

Confederate Yankee breathes a sigh of relief that he didn't blog about the so-called Schiavo memo. He points to Michelle Malkin's blog, where she didn't have to backtrack or make excuses: the most speculatory thing she said was, "I suspect that no one at the Post or ABC News still believes the amateurish, unsigned, misspelled memo was circulated by Republican Party leaders." I have to give my fellow Pinoy (well, I'm only half-Filipino) a lot of credit for common sense and critical thinking.

The difference between this memo and the CBS memos is that Rather staked his reputation on obvious forgeries. This one wasn't so obvious. Leftists like Daily Kos are now celebrating that the memo did come from the GOP -- except it was from a senator's legal counsel, not a elected official or party leader. CY agrees, in a way, that there's plenty of blame to go around:
But the real blame goes to the MSM/DNC for blowing the reporting of this story in the first place (which they have yet to account for to the best of my knowledge), and to bloggers too willing to consider this on par with the forged TANG documents far too early without sufficient evidence.
Big media had a field day at first, claiming it was a "GOP" memo. When doubts surfaced about its authenticity, big media largely shut up.

But, the liberal media has always insisted, they're not biased... Here's one of their spokesmen!

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