Wednesday, April 20, 2005

Moussaoui guilty plea to be accepted

A federal judge will accept Zacarias Moussaoui's guilty plea on the terrorist charges against him. [Edit: I originally wrote Moussaoui was pleading guilty, but he already has. The news today is that a judge will now accept it.]

I'm glad to see he can still be sentenced to death. Let's throw him in the electric chair and be done with him. No mere prison term, unlike what happened to traitor John Walker Lindh.

I always maintained that Lindh should have been executed for outright treason. Treason is defined quite specifically in the Constitution, Article III, Section 3. Lindh was caught adhering to and giving aid and comfort to our enemies. Open and shut.

The only regret I have about capital punishment is that it's often too good for these scum. We're supposed to be "merciful" and execute criminals with minimal pain, lest we violate the Eighth Amendment's "cruel and unusual" clause. When did the criminals, though, give a damn about showing "mercy" to their victims?

Never forget Shirley Crook, who was bound and gagged, then thrown into a river to drown. As I wrote, we experienced more tyranny of the judiciary when the Supreme Court ruled her murderer couldn't be executed. He was under 18, and based on "international" standards, it would be "cruel and unusual" to execute him. Let's just forget that the little bastard had already bragged to his friends how he'd do such a crime and get away with it, because of his age.


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