Friday, April 15, 2005

Giving back to the government, part II

Tim at Random Observations makes a very good followup to what I said a couple of days ago:
Socialists like to use this bible misquote because they think it applies to "the rich" only -- or at least those rich who won't demonstrate their "right attitude" by advocating socialism. No. Love of money can strike in those of any economic bracket or political stripe.

It's easy to see how a wealthy man might love "mammon" (bread). (Though he instead might not.) But it's also true that the angry socialist railing against the rich also has an inordinant love of money -- it's just that he's angry someone else has control of it right now. Someone clearly morally inferior to himself.
Check out the rest, and his excellent conclusion about the deity that socialists project onto money.

Tim, I apologize you can't leave a quick comment on my blog. From the start, I've restricting comments to registered Blogger users as an anti-spam measure. It's not flawless, but I've had to delete trash comments only a few times.


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