Thursday, April 14, 2005

Don't you feel safer?

Dale Franks of QandO says we all should, because the UN unanimously outlawed terrorists' use of nuclear weapons. I'm sure the next step is a General Assembly resolution outlawing people being rude -- wait, no, that can't happen. It would outlaw half of France.

Meanwhile, don't you feel safer that a former Guantanamo prisoner, a lying SOB, is back home in Kuwait -- and free on bail? He's free again to consort with his fellow terrorists and other Islamofascist thugs. I haven't seen this at all on the major blogs, and I'm surprised:
A Kuwaiti who returned home in January after three years in the U.S. detention center for suspected terrorists at Guantanamo Bay said Thursday he hadn't even heard of the Sept. 11 attacks when he was seized by troops in Afghanistan in 2001.

Nasser al-Mutairi, who was released on bail Wednesday by a Kuwaiti court, said he was doing charity work in Afghanistan and had no knowledge of — or role in — the attacks on the United States that triggered the U.S.-led invasion.

"I was in shock, I had nothing to do with the situation," the bearded 27-year-old told The Associated Press in an interview. "I hadn't heard of (the attacks), we did not have radios or televisions."
Really, now? But the article also mentions this:
Al-Mutairi told a different story to the U.S. military panel at Guantanamo, which ruled he was an enemy combatant. According to a transcript of his testimony filed in federal court in Washington, al-Mutairi told the tribunal he had spent most of his time in Afghanistan on the front lines of the Taliban's fight against the U.S.-backed Northern Alliance.

Al-Mutairi said he was serving "rabat," a type of Muslim religious duty he said involved waiting on the front lines of Afghanistan's civil war to discourage any more fighting. He said he never fired a shot, although he was armed with a rifle and two hand grenades. He did not tell the tribunal anything about distributing food to the poor.

Al-Mutairi also told the panel that he heard about the 2001 terrorist attacks shortly after they happened, not from his U.S. captors. He said he first heard about the bomb attack on Northern Alliance leader Ahmed Shah Massoud, which came days before the attacks on Washington and New York.

"So after about a day or two, I heard the news about Sept. 11," al-Mutairi testified. "After that, all I heard was about the events of 9/11 and there was no more talk about Massoud."

Asked later about that testimony, al-Mutairi stuck by his account in the interview and denied making the comments in the transcript, saying they were the result either of translator error or fabrications by investigators.

"They made up the story," he said. "Investigators can say anything." He said he told the panel members about his charity work "but they did not believe me."
Yeah. He's innocent. So is everybody in prison, didn't you know? Any confessions they made were falsely transcribed. Yes, that's it! And confessions in open court were never made, either. The court reporters lied on the transcripts, and any witnesses who heard them in court are lying too!

If the translators lied, all right. But to accuse them of "translator error"? Transcribing "I was doing charity work" as "I was on the front lines with a rifle and grenades" is a doozy of an error to make -- and it's an excuse so ludicrous that I'm convinced of his guilt.


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