Saturday, March 26, 2005

Who else thinks starving is an easy death?

One of my friends asked me today about Terri Schiavo's condition. Earlier today, the AP reported that her tongue and eyes were bleeding, because of her severe dehydration.

Michael Schiavo denies that, claiming she's "resting comfortably." Every instinct in me wants to call him a lying pig. How can someone literally starving to death be "resting comfortably"?

What convinces me further of Michael's sinister motives is that he wants Terri -- who was a practicing Catholic -- cremated immediately. He has refused to allow an autopsy, which makes me wonder: are the rumors true that her heart didn't stop by the alleged bulimia, but by a blow to the head? An autopsy might reveal such things.

My father died of stomach and liver cancer back in 2000. His living will specified no extreme measures, so he spent his last days at home. My mother last saw him ambulatory on Friday night, before his long and painful weekend. When she checked on him Saturday morning, he was lying in his bed, unable to move or speak, let alone drink or eat. He was, however, alert and able to move his eyes, trying to give my mother signals. The part-time nurse said he'd been stricken by a stroke, induced by the shock of all his systems starting to shut down. I will always be grateful to our neighbor and my closest friends and their families, for all the help and love they gave my mother, because I wasn't there. My mother just couldn't keep him comfortable by herself.

He passed away Sunday night, but not before indicating extreme thirst. My mother was dipping a sponge in water and trying to keep his mouth moist. At one point, he mustered up the strength to suck hard on it. He was so thirsty, and after only two days!

Michael Schiavo, you say that Terri wouldn't want to live this way. Do you think she wanted to die this way?


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