Saturday, March 05, 2005

Ward Churchill + Bill Maher = Love Connection

I had never paid much attention to Bill Maher until his show, then my interest was quickly quenched when I discovered he's hardly the libertarian he claims to be. Even the Libertarian Party has looked at his political beliefs and concluded, well, he's pretty much just a liberal.

So as usual, I not only didn't watch his show last night, but the possibility of watching it didn't occur to me. So I missed his cozying up to Ward Churchill, but Jeff Jarvis didn't -- and not only did Mr. Jarvis have some unflattering remarks for the Wonder Twins, he took them to task for some real stupidity. As the old saying goes: you can't make this stuff up.

Churchill: "I wouldn't say that opposing Hitler was wrong but some of the ways he was opposed were wrong."

At one point, Maher introduced the brother of a 9/11 victim, someone who supports Churchill. Mr. Jarvis asked, "We couldn't find anyone who doesn't support Churchill, Bill? We had to exploit a family member?"

Mr. Jarvis even linked to a blog dedicated to Churchill. Quite a fan base he's gaining.

I'm no Chuck Woolery, but if relationships are best founded on commonalities, I couldn't put a better pair together than these two:

Ward Churchill: wants the U.S. out of existence, says our troops have blood on their hands
Bill Maher: said the 9/11 terrorists weren't cowards, called U.S. forces "cowards"

Today, the University of Colorado president said they won't fire Churchill if the investigation reveals it's just a simple case of "inflammatory comments, not misconduct." But Churchill has been exposed as a liar about his Vietnam service, a lying historical revisionist, a fraud about his Native American heritage, and a plagiarist. "Free speech" does not excuse any of those. Thomas Sowell last month explained why "academic freedom" is also no defense, but I have a slightly different reasoning. Someone's who's perpetrated lies and frauds as Churchill has simply shouldn't be allowed to work in a position of teaching. If it's a private school, they can do as they please, because anyone paying tuition implicitly accepts the quality of the teachers. But it's wholly wrong to employ a major liar and fraud with tax dollars.

Something really funny that I stumbled across: I did a search for just "Ward Churchill" on Yahoo News:


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