Tuesday, March 22, 2005

Terri Schiavo: what mainstream media doesn't say

Via Tim Blair, the real story of how Michael Schiavo apparently denied rehabilitative care to Terri after her brain damage.
However, once Michael pocketed the money, rather than using it to treat and rehabilitate Terri, he began to deny her both medical treatment and therapy.

Prior to the withdrawal of medical treatment and rehab, Terri made progress - even walking with assistance. Once the award was in place, Michael began bullying health providers to ensure that no therapeutic or medical interventions were undertaken. In fact, one nurse—noting Terri's hand contractures—placed rolled-up washcloths in her hands to prevent further contractures and pressure ulcers, which can result from such a condition. Michael ripped the cloths from Terri's hands and screamed at the nurse.
This is the first time I ever heard that she was once walking with assistance. Who still thinks she's a vegetable?
Michael claims that he tried every possible intervention by pointing to his authorization of an experimental treatment using brain implants - which failed. However, if you look at the timeline of Terri's fight, you will note that this procedure predated the Court award. Once the court award was in his pocket no other treatment was approved - including treatment for life-threatening sepsis. Moreover, why did he limit intervention to an experimental procedure rather than attempting tried and true therapies, which could have improved Terri's ability to swallow, walk and talk?
The more details I become aware of, the more I think something really sinister is going on here.


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