Sunday, March 06, 2005

The plot thickens

Country Store links to My Pet Jawa, which accuses Italian journalist Sgrena of faking or at least becoming complicit in her abduction. Very curious indeed, and Shackleford raises many valid questions. My one question is, she had been released; she wasn't escaping. Presumably her Iraqi captors wouldn't be shooting at her as she left, so why were they driving at a high rate of speed, particularly at night when U.S. soldiers at a checkpoint would be most suspicious of an incoming vehicle? Why drive in so fast when they'd be hard to identify?

Well, Sgrena has claimed they weren't traveling that fast. But as Shackleford said, "When the word of a propagandist is pitted against the word of a US soldier, I am inclined to believe that of the soldier." She works for an communist, anti-American rag -- that doesn't mean I implicitly distrust her, but I'll be skeptical of her as if she worked for CBS or the New York Times.


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