Tuesday, March 15, 2005

The latest news on the Philippine jail SNAFU

The AP reports that at latest count, 22 inmates are dead after Philippine police retook the maximum-security jail, using tear gas and doing the only thing they could: shoot to kill. Among the dead are three Abu Sayyaf leaders.

I have been accused of being hard-hearted. Perhaps that is so. I'm afraid I do not weep for any of these Abu Sayyaf, but I do grieve and mourn for the three police killed in the initial uprising.

President Arroyo (with whom my mother says she once played majhong, when they were young and in their home province of Pampanga) praised the police for the successful retaking of the jail. However, the police were so incompetent in letting the uprising happen in the first place; they ignored warnings as early as a few weeks ago that prisoners were planning to break out. Belmont Club has been covering this most excellently.


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