Wednesday, March 16, 2005

I forgot the best part about the debate

Don't miss part one and part two of my debate coverage!

I apologize again for the poor picture, but I hope you can see it well enough. Krugman left very quickly after the debate, but not before a couple of us got autographs. Good, because earlier today I bought a copy of The Great Unraveling just for that. And when he asked who he should make it out to, I said, "Donald Luskin."

I wasn't sure how he'd respond. It surprised me when he got a bemused sort of expression, quickly scrawled something and said, "Oh really? Well he wouldn't want that." As he dashed out the back door, I yelled, "Oh yes, Doctor, I know he would!" His autograph disappointed me, though: as you can see, he only signed his name and didn't make it out to anyone.

Just in case, let me set the record straight, should anyone think Don put me up to this. Getting Krugman's autograph was my idea and mine alone, with no harm intended toward him, let alone the "stalking" accusation he's carelessly thrown around. I thought this would be a funny little memento for Don to have, nothing more.


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