Thursday, March 03, 2005

Congratulations, Steve Fossett!

He did it! Steve Fossett flew around the world, solo, non-stop in 67 hours without refueling!

As the AP article notes, "This latest adventure gives Fossett yet another aviation record, adding to the many he holds as a balloonist, pilot and sailor." May we all have such perseverance. Fossett had failed five times to fly around the world in a balloon before succeeding on the sixth attempt, reminiscent of the old Robert Bruce legend (some stories have him saying, "I too shall try a seventh time!"). This time, there were possible fuel problems, but Fossett pressed on.

You know what I think was so great about this? Not a dime of public money was used. (Well, as far as I know.) Sir Richard Branson financed this endeavor, and I believe Fossett had financed his balloon flights himself, even declining commercial sponsors.


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