Tuesday, December 02, 2014

Two years later

I was thinking that tomorrow will be two years since my last picture of a Rockefeller Center Christmas tree, and two years and a few weeks since I posted it. Like a few of my friends, I shifted toward Facebook in the last couple of years, and I wonder with the advent of Facebook and Tumblr how many active Blogspot blogs there still are. Though there isn't a blog-like ability to insert pictures in precise places and incorporate text formatting, it's easier to read everyone's posts and comments, and rather than individual single streams of posts, discussions are much more interconnected.

A few on Facebook showed, for one motive or another, that they tried finding out more information on me. The Eidelblog is, of course, no longer the top search result for my surname. I see the top few are the liar's entries about me. Ah yes, the petty little coward (his own chosen name "Captious Nut" fits him) probably still thinks American Idol isn't manipulated. Time doesn't permit me to debunk all his lies one by one, nor should I bother anyway, but what honesty can be expected of him when he posts a purported photo of me, which he supposedly got from a schoolmate of mine, that obviously isn't? And it's all because of several years ago, after I attempted to show him the truth of American reality TV. All he could do was become indignant, start spreading lies about me behind my back, then even libel my wife, no doubt from a latent racism. Maybe there was some Filipina he pursued long ago, but her family wouldn't accept him as good enough, especially when they realized his duplicitous nature. Is it any surprise he doesn't post his real name? One has to wonder if anything he posts about himself is true at all.